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The adoption process at Amigos de los Animales is quite simple. The fee for adopting a dog or puppy is $650 pesos; for a cat or kitten it is $450 pesos. This payment covers the cost of spaying or neutering, deworming and first vaccinations.


The adoptive parent must present official identification (INE card or passport) and a copy of a utility bill showing the address where the pet will reside. Our extraordinary shelter manager, conducts an interview to confirm that the animal will be placed in a good home and that the people know how to care for and treat a pet. She will also ask about the other members of the family – both human and animal – to ensure that all members of the household will be compatible.


The adoptive parents describe the living conditions for their new pet. No animal is allowed to live as a rooftop dog or to roam the streets unattended. Finally, we work with the adoptive parents to find a qualified veterinarian in their neighborhood. The happiest days at the shelter are when our precious animals walk out the door with their Forever Families – a real cause for celebration.



We require an official ID (INE, passport), a proof of residency with your current address, and a donation, which is $650 Mexican pesos for a dog or $450 Mexican pesos for a cat. This donation allows us to continue helping other animals, because we deliver them to you vaccinated, dewormed and sterilized.

The Fostering Program:

The Fostering Program allows animals to receive special care away from the shelter, prior to being adopted into their Forever Homes. There are many reasons why a cat, dog, kitten or puppy might need foster care. Some puppies and kittens arrive at the shelter much too young to be adopted and may need to be bottle fed before being able to eat on their own. A nursing mom with a litter of puppies or kittens copes much better in the quiet of a private home. This is also true for a cat or dog recovering from surgery. Some animals arrive at the shelter extremely thin and nervous – traumatized from living on the street. They rebound well in the safety of a calm, home environment. All kinds of training, play and socialization make our animals more adoptable.

Fostering an animal in need is an immensely rewarding experience. Basic food and supplies are provided by the shelter, as well as instruction on how to care for the animal. If you are interested in more information, please call our shelter manager, or stop by the shelter during business hours. 



Bicentenario Juarez #3 col. Francisco Villa
Mazatlán, MX

C.P. 82127

Shelter Hours:
Monday – Saturday: 


11am-2pm and 4-7pm

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