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happy Tales


As a puppy, Draco was found inside a bucket on a construction site by two workers.  They offered him water.  Draco was in poor condition with maggot-infested sores all over his body.  He was literally being eaten alive.  The construction workers brought Draco to the animal shelter for medical treatment.  In a process that lasted weeks, ticks, fleas and maggots were removed from Draco’s skin and he was given medicine, vitamins and many therapeutic baths.  During Draco’s recovery, one person became very interested in him.  When he was finally available for adoption, she was the first in line to take Draco home.


Draco is now a very happy little dog.  He is living his best life – full of the love and respect he deserves.


Benja was found wandering the streets of Mazatlán with severe scabies all over his body. This puppy was ignored and mistreated because of his horrible appearance. Thankfully, a volunteer with a huge heart chose to help him.  For several months Benja was given daily medication and therapeutic baths.  As Benja’s health improved, a family became interested in adopting him.  Although his skin was still scaly and he was missing patches of fur, they decided to take him home to continue his daily medical treatments.  With continued love and medical attention, Benja has become the beautiful character  - both inside and out – that you see in these photos.  


After months of suffering and being homeless on the streets, Benja now spends time traveling, playing with his stuffed animals and enjoying the love and attention of his family.

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